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Learn the what, why and how of effective thought leadership:

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The free summary worksheets and guides included provide a framework to build your own thought leadership content strategy.

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About the author


Founding Director, NWC Design

Non has specialised in visual content design since 2013. After 10+ years working in multidisciplinary design agencies in the North West of the UK, she launched NWC Design – an agency offering high-quality, specialist design services for thought leadership, and is driven by her own values of integrity, balance and happiness.

Non’s logical, client-focused approach and her background in science and maths gives her a sharp insight into how visual  information works within a business context. Combined with her creativity and passion for everything ‘business’, the result is a rather unique view on how information should be designed to connect with real people and produce real results.

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“In addition to Non’s creativity and ability to transform data and content into outstanding visual information, she is incredibly knowledgeable about the thought leadership world. Non’s agency management experience shines through, and her clear vision for the company is inspirational.”

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Are you ready to build an effective visual content strategy?

Intelligent design for thought leadership, research and visual content.

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