Research design for COP26 Summit

Economist Impact

Meet the client.

Part of the Economist Group, Economist Impact (EI) is a powerhouse for inspiring and activating positive change in the world.  

Through expert analysis and intelligent debate, they empower a wide range of organisations to enable progress and make a real difference. Sustainability, health, and new globalisation are their main areas of focus, and they work with leading corporations, foundations, NGOs, and governments to help them contribute to a better tomorrow.  

EI’s outlook and ethos make them the perfect partner for us at NWC Design, and we’ve proudly worked with them for over 8 years now.

“This project really is top-notch!” 
Yuxin Lin
Senior Manager of Policy & Insights, Economist Impact

Our challenge.

With COP26 fast approaching, our client knew they could rely on us for high-quality design at an even higher speed. Though the timelines were tight, we weren’t deterred and got to work right away. 

The project itself investigated the expected size of the clean energy market in G7 countries in 2030 in relation to their net-zero emissions targets, and how that might impact both the economy and employment. Our visuals needed to incorporate the three main subjects: people, green energy, and GDP. 

Our approach.

This project had a lot of moving parts, and we worked closely with EI teams and stakeholders around the world to make the magic happen.      

Our first step was to put together some very early design scamps and creative approaches. By getting client approval for the design direction as soon as we could, we were already ahead of the game. This was really key given the tight turnaround time EI needed.  

Next, we used the established visual style to create a draft skeleton of the report and infographic, bringing the key data to life clearly and concisely.  

Collaboration is really important to us – it’s one of our core values – and we checked in regularly with the EI digital staging team throughout the project so they could add visuals to the content hub as we were creating them.  

A group of iphones with a designed research layout on them.

Our work.

Once we were done, the client had a comprehensive suite of content to support their research. 

We produced: 

  • A 44-page report 
  • A detailed infographic
  • Supporting social assets
  • Advertorial assets
  • Paid media assets (e.g. social media ads)
  • Digital hub graphics 

The impact.

Armed with a suite of easily digestible assets, Economist Impact could communicate their findings to organisations everywhere. Like with any EI initiative, the aim was to encourage positive change, and our work gave them everything they needed to raise awareness in all the right circles. 

Yuxin Lin, Senior Manager of Policy & Insights was thrilled with the results: “This project really is top-notch! Thank you so much for your hard work and flexibility throughout the process.” 

A pleasure as always, Yuxin! 

Non Wood, NWC Design Founder
Founding Director, NWC Design
“A high-profile project with an extremely tight deadline, the client presented us with a real challenge – and we took it head-on. By effectively combining the skills within our team, we delivered a suite of quality assets right when they were needed.”

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