Infographic Design

The power of infographic design

Infographic design connects you with your audience in powerful and engaging ways.

  • It turns complex data into instantly graspable takeaways.
  • It quickly conveys the benefits of new approaches and products.
  • It transforms detailed research and complex insight into easy-to-understand visuals.
  • It delivers results and ROI at every stage of your sales pipeline, from discovery to buying decisions – and on into onboarding to retention

Our infographic designers love creating these versatile pieces. With clear objectives, a splash of creativity, and a dollop of science, they have a big impact.

  • They grab people’s attention in a memorable, shareable and even loveable way.
  • They make people stop, think and interact with your brand.
  • And they can be easily repurposed, recut and reformatted for continued use across your marketing materials and channels

Our team have produced over 1000 infographic designs covering topics such as these:

  • Digital transformation
  • Renewable energy
  • C-suite restructures
  • Banking and finance
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Connectivity
  • Sustainability
  • Healthcare and life sciences

Want to spark new conversations and build your brand with infographic design?

Our infographic design process

Here’s how we’ll partner with you to create infographics that deliver:

Magnifying glass focusing on a purple puzzle piece in an infographic design.

1. Understand

We work with you to understand your objectives, brand and audience, and to explore the content for your infographic.

A stylized infographic design of a pen nib with a linear structure above it, possibly representing a connection or creativity concept.

2. Visualise

We start creating the visualisation techniques, narrative structure and graphics that best fit
your content, audience, brand and objectives.

Hand presenting a four-piece puzzle circle in an infographic design.

3. Show

We show you a sample of the infographic design and make sure you’re happy with the direction
it’s taking.

Colorful abstract infographic design with concentric circles and crosshair.

4. Complete

We complete the full design, make any edits you need, and ensure you have all the assets to
repurpose and promote your infographic.

Infographic brochure displaying statistics and visual content related to the energy transition, including electric vehicles, job creation, and investment figures.
A person holding a tablet displaying a visual content infographic on the importance of DE&I (diversity, equity, and inclusion) in the workplace with key survey findings highlighted.
A digital presentation slide about the "inclusive internet index" featuring text, charts, and infographic design related to internet inclusivity and usage trends.

Why use NWC Design for your infographic design?

Non Wood, NWC Design Founder


Founding Director, NWC Design

“We bring over eight years’ experience in infographic design, delivering over 1,000 infographics to audiences around the world.

Our visual storytelling expertise, data visualisation creativity and information design specialists work with you to ensure your infographics are tailored to your objectives and audience – and we equip you with all the assets you need to make them work as hard as they can for you.”

Ready to start your infographic design?

Frequently asked questions

Infographic design is the presentation of complex information or data in a highly visual and engaging way.


Our infographic design starts with an understanding of the needs of your audience, is based on detailed insight into the information you need to convey, and keeps your business outcomes clearly at the heart of our structure and design.

Using imagery, data visualisations and a clearly defined narrative flow, we deliver an accessible, easy-to understand, persuasive and memorable overview of what you have to say – using minimal text for maximum impact.

Infographic designers tap into the shortcuts that visuals offer to aid the comprehension and retention of complex ideas and data.

  • Engaging infographics quickly capture attention.
    To gain several minutes of user attention, your value proposition must be clearly communicated within 10 seconds.
  • Visual infographics rapidly convey information.
    An image can be understood as much as 600x faster than using words alone.
  • Images used in infographics promote better understanding.
    Research shows that the introduction of images boosts understanding from 70% to 95%.
  • People share and interact with infographics.
    Visual content promotes engagement, through social shares, clickthroughs, and dwell time.
  • Infographics convince and build trust.
    People are more likely to trust and believe information when it’s easier to understand.

Visual infographics help you tell your story quickly and convincingly, no matter how complex your research, ideas or

There are so many ways you can demonstrate your thought leadership and quickly outline the benefits of your approach using infographic design.


  • Provide a quick overview of a topic.
  • Explain a complex process, structure or argument.
  • Display your research findings or survey data.
  • Summarise a long blog post or a detailed report.
  • Compare and contrast multiple options.
  • Raise awareness about an issue or cause.

Infographic design can be used to support every aspect of your marketing.


  • It can be used online as a standalone piece or as part of a blog post.
  • It can be a part of your printed sales materials or used as a summary of research findings in a printed report.
  • It can be used to promote interaction and shares in your social marketing channels.

The beauty of infographic design is that it can be used effectively throughout your sales pipeline to achieve a number of different business outcomes.


Below are the main types of infographics we can create for you and some of the ways they can support you throughout your sales cycle.


1. Statistical infographics

Used for:

  • Demonstrating thought leadership to your market through the distillation of data contained in a piece of complicated research.
  • Highlight your market position or growth.
  • Share data that supports your proposition.

2. Process infographics

Used for:

  • Simplifying new customer onboarding.
  • Describing complicated industrial or medical processes.
  • Outlining recruitment stages or a restructure plan.

3. Timeline infographics

Used for:

  • Illustrating company or market growth.
  • Detailing upcoming product updates to existing or potential customers.
  • Outlining the changing trends that will impact your audience.

4. Comparison infographics

Used for:

  • Demonstrating the benefits of your product and pricing options.
  • Clearly showing the benefit of your proposition over competitors.
  • Comparing the characteristics of different market segments.

Our quotes cover creating a sample design, to check your happy with the direction, the full design, two rounds of edits (<25% of the content) and the final pdf / jpg. We’re also happy to provide you with the original artwork files if you need.

Just get in touch either by email or phone and we’ll have a quick chat to understand what you’re looking for. We’ll discuss the aims for your infographic, the content and audience. We'll confirm a quote and get started on creating your engaging visual!

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