Expand the reach of your research report: how to use graphic assets

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A man and woman utilizing graphic assets while working on their laptops to expand the reach of their research report.

Clever use of graphic assets saves time and money. You can extend the reach and timeline of your project by making your graphics work harder on your behalf. All it takes is some smart planning and a designer with a keen eye and technical know-how. 

Projects that form part of a wider awareness campaign can be months, sometimes years, in the making. Organisations invest heavily in research and analytics. Yet the main challenge with all data is that it has a limited lifespan. With this in mind it’s natural for these organisations to want to make the most of any visual assets created for their campaign.

Repurpose graphics for multiple channels

We love the challenge of delving into data and using our experience to recommend to a client how it could be translated into simpler or more easily digested formats. These are a few of the alternatives that could work well for your own campaign.

One document – three different formats

Most organisations produce reports and documents as a digital pdf website download. An interactive pdf takes the experience one step further, allowing the reader to flip through the pages like a magazine, or click on links to personalise their journey through the document.

Whilst pdfs are a very cost-effective way of producing documents, don’t overlook traditional printed collateral. There is still a place for printed documents in the digital age. We consume so much content digitally that hardcopy materials might well be a refreshing alternative for your audience.

A set of brochures featuring graphic assets to expand the reach of your research report.


Infographics are a popular way of simplifying complex information or data as an image. They can be static, animated or interactive, allowing complete immersion in the data. All forms of infographic are very shareable content so if you’re aiming to achieve a viral campaign these should form part of your plan.

Quality infographics are eye-catching and engaging. They use design and expertly chosen colour palettes and fonts to draw attention to selected pieces of content. Used carefully, these graphics can tell a mini story from one part of your report.

Infographics showcasing strategies for utilizing visual assets to enhance the dissemination of your HIV research findings.

Presentations and slideshares

If you’re planning to share your content with audiences in person you’ll need a slide deck to support your presentation. A set of well-designed graphics can complement your message and add impact to your presentation, whilst keeping it on brand. Think about creating a library of graphic assets that presenters can tap into. It saves time, money and the pressure of last minute requests! Popular on platforms such as LinkedIn, slideshares allow you to share selected information with your audience following the event.

Spin-off articles

Shorter, more focused articles can be used to highlight themes or specific findings. An article might be accompanied by a set of visuals to support these key messages and make complex information more engaging.

Social media assets

Posts with images are more likely to be shared than those without. Whether static or animated, images optimised for social media are a great way to raise awareness and draw attention to your campaign. Graphics that look and feel similar to other campaign assets will be instantly recognisable, whilst breaking information down into chunks (perhaps part of your infographic) makes detail more digestible.

A series of social media posts showcasing research reports with graphic assets to expand reach.

Include your requirements in your design brief

If you’d like to create a library of visual assets for a campaign, brief your designer at the start of the project. Discuss how you intend to use the visuals so they can optimise them for each platform. Image dimension, resolution and file types vary massively between channels. This information is essential to achieve a consistent and high quality look and feel for your graphics.

Visual assets and graphics can be used in lots of different ways to help promote your project. Once created, those assets will be available to you forever, saving time and making your campaign more effective.

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