Introducing Matt Brown, Senior Designer

Non Wood

Introducing Matt Brown, a man wearing glasses and a plaid shirt.

We are delighted to announce the arrival of our newest NWC Design team member, Matt, as Senior Designer.

Bringing with him a wealth of experience in visual content, editorial and presentation design, as well as particular specialisms in infographic design and illustration, Matt will be a senior member of our design team and will play an invaluable role in helping our clients to convey visual narratives creatively and effectively.

After honing his skills in infographic, data and visual design with our Director, Non Wood, at a previous agency, Matt went on to work within editorial and digital design producing multi-channel content. In his most recent role he produced creative solutions for live communications across the globe acquiring an impressive proficiency in interactive presentation design for internal comms and external B2B audiences.

Matt’s ability to produce multi-channel campaign designs with creative flair yet within corporate brand guidelines will bring exciting new opportunities for our clients and we’re very excited to have him as a colleague.

“I love being imaginative and immersing myself in a project, and thrive on finding a creative solution to a problem.”

And it’s not just his creative problem-solving skills that we think are a perfect fit. Matt is positive, forward-looking and energetic – three core ingredients we look for in our colleagues.

Welcome to the team Matt! We’re honoured to have you join us.

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